A Century of Tradition and Technology 
Since 1881, The WEBB Corporation has been in the same location designing and manufacturing equipment for metal fabricators. We evolved from five foundries whose field of expertise was the lead and zinc mining industries. Our heavy equipment for mining operations soon gained the reputation for quality and reliability. We then grew to produce plate bending rolls as well as supplying fixtures for tank manufacturers.
WEBB was one of the first world-wide manufacturers to see the wisdom of producing standardized models of fabricating equipment. This reduced the expensive cost of building custom machines for every application.

WEBB now uses over 80,000 square feet of machining, manufacturing, and assembly space in a two square block area. As a major manufacturer of fabricating equipment, WEBB products ship to locations in all parts of the world.

With one of our many different plate bending roll models, you can roll a flat piece of steel into cylindrical shapes. WEBB bending rolls are sized from small slip roll machines to the huge four-roll hydraulic machines. Our line of automatic welding fixtures help businesses world-wide increase production efficiency and streamline manufacturing operations. Our extensive line of seam welders, offsetters, track supporters, turning rolls, assembly presses, plate roll and other equipment are designed to automate assembly processes.
We have kept our reputation for top quality products and are proud of the workmanship and materials that go into producing every piece of WEBB equipment.

Our staff of engineers and designers will work with you to create the best application for your needs. WEBB can also provide you assistance on plant layout, floor plans, equipment recommendations and general shop arrangements. 

The Webb Corporation

402 East Broadway

Webb City, Mo. 64870